Do you need a locksmith in West Hampstead?

We have trained locksmiths and technicians standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your call. From residential to commercial locksmith issues we have a team ready in west hamsptead to send out as needed.


Call us now, tel: 0208 442 2958. With our length of experience you can be assured of high quality service for all your related locksmith needs. We are a full service, local locksmiths and reliable company who has proudly served residential and commercial customers for over 25 years. West Hampstead Locksmiths brings expertise to every aspect of your security and locksmithing needs. For us helping a customer is an every day activity and we understand the responsibility and the dexterity it entails.

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Customers are priority for our locksmiths in West Hampstead and we ensure that the job process will be as finely as possible, we do believe that the best marketing source is a happy customer, therefore our aim is to make our customers feel secure in knowing that the work is being done in a very professional way and at a competitive price. We appreciate your interest in us by visiting our website; we are looking forward to assisting you soon.


credit crunchWe offer our services at a very reasonable prices which are staying very competitive during the current economic climate. Our locksmiths in west hampstead promise not to overcharge for small jobs and there is no hidden call-out charge or hourly rate. We will charge according the work and parts required and we provide excellent ongoing service as required.


if_locked_outAs a 24 hour locksmiths service in NW6 - North West London, we make sure we are there for you when you need us, no matter what time of the day it is, you can count our us for all your security related problems. Our team of West Hampstead is mobile across the entire NW London zone. This means we can arrive at your location rapidly — even if it is at rush hours. We are also available to make emergency burglary repairs if you experience a break in; we will then replace any damaged locks or handles and provide you with replacement keys.


vehicle_locked_outMaybe you are caught somewhere in Kensal Rise or in the Brondesbury Park area or in your own home in West Hampstead and require a new car keys because you have lost your keys, you are locked out or there is any other locksmithing related situation. You might be in North West London and be looking for car locksmiths who specialize in car key cutting, car key programming and electronic fobs or can make keys for a specific model. In these cases, we will provide the easiest and fastest solution.

Our mobile team, provide an extensive range of car locksmith services such as ignition replacement, key blades and batteries replaced, lock pick, transponder car keys cut, open trunk and unlock door services. Our highly trained staff can arrive within 30 minutes to help you. No matter where you are located in North West London, if you are in the need of a professional locksmith; regardless of which type of car/lock, call us anytime 24 hours and we will assist you with any replacement or locksmith matters.


* 24 Hours a day emergency locksmith services
* General lock fitting, servicing and repairs
* Key cutting
* Car Key cutting
* Restricted master key system, design implementation and service
* Security evaluations and upgrades
* Home Safes
* Access Control Systems
* Intercom Systems
* Door Closer supply and service
* CCTV Camera Systems Digital Recorders Custom Built
* Manufacture of specialised locks and security products

All our staff are up to date on all new security products introduced to the market and receive the appropriate training in order to maintain the company's good will.

Our aim is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied and receive services quickly at a competitive price.


west hampstead home secureDue to the economic recession, burglary at North West London Areas has increased. We understand that the protection of your home have never been more important. We will assist you with all your residential locksmith inconveniences. Whether you have locked your keys in your car, or a lock has been broken, our locksmiths in west hampstead have the technology and equipment to help you. We also help if you want to upgrade the security of your home too.



Due to recession one out of twelve homes in London will be burglarized by the end of this year. In these days a burglar normally spend no longer than 60 seconds trying to break into a home. For a small amount of time and money you can make your home secure enough and reduce your chances of being a victim.

ingersoll locklock makers logos
chain door

Strong and reliable locks are big impediment to burglars. At West hampstead locksmiths you will find a huge stock of locks for different uses, supplied by Chubb, Yale, Ingersoll, Union and Abus. Moreover, West Hampstead locksmiths offers a wide range of


• Door Bolts
• Mortice Sahslocks
• Mortice Deadlocks
• Nightlatches
• Rim Cylinder Locks
• Padlocks
• Window Locks
• Patio Door Locks
• Escutcheons
• Home Safes

Call us 0208 442 2958. Make sure external fixed or sliding doors have a well-installed dead bolt lock. Simple key locks alone are not enough. When you move into a new flar or house, re-key the locks. Here at our warehouse there are almost all kind of keys and locks available; keys could being picked up or delivered back to your door, click here for more info.

Did you know that in nearly half of all residential burglaries, thieves simply ease to go through "half-locked" or unlocked doors or stride through unlocked windows? .

Most standard windows have thumb turn locks. Don't rely on these — they can be easily opened reached through a broken pane.
Prevent the window from being raised from the outside having keyed locking systems. An easy, inexpensive way to secure your windows provided by our locksmiths in west hampstead NW6 is the use of any of our windows locks systems insurance approved, (mentioned down this page).


burglary_west_hampstead We recommend lighting as an alternative prevention to burglary. If regulary no one is at home for long time, you may consider using automatic timers to switch interior/exterior lights on and off at preset times, call now to our hot line 0208 442 2958 and ask for our specialised security products. You can also consider an alarm, which is a good investment especially if you have many valuables in your home, or live in certain area with a history of break-ins. Check with us before you buy so you can decide from our catalog what sort of security alarm fits your needs.



Don't make it easy for a thief to steal your car. Never leave valuables in plain view, put them in the trunk or at least out of sight. We recommend to buy radios, tape and CD players that can be removed and locked in the trunk. Always carry the insurance and registration documents with you. We also have been notified about burglars that have taken to using a bamboo pole with a hook attached to fish the keys from hallway tables or wall mounted key ring holders close to front doors. Several vehicles have been stolen using this method.


West Hampstead and the surrounding areas NW1 NW6 NW2 W9 W10 NW3 NW10 NW8 NW5 are increasingly vulnerable to forced-entry assaults as the recession takes a grip. As a result, we are offering a metal powdercoated Kickstop Universal London Bar; strengthening the door frame by reinforcing with Anti-kick and Anti-jemmy security. Thieves may consequently focus attention onto the hinge side of the door — where we will have fitted the Birmingham Bar. If both the London Bar and the Birmingham bar fail and the door is kicked through, we recommend the Kickstop Deadlock Reinforcer — completing your combination of high security devices that will keep your home safe.

Traditional Brands

Our company offer locks by brands such as Chubb (we are a Chubb Supercentre), Yale, Ingersoll, and Mul-t-lock to West Hampstead and the surrounding areas. Our friendly staff provide a 24 hour lock opening service, which is useful when you are locked out, have lost your keys., have a faulty lock, have snapped the key blade, require duplicate keys, and more. West Hampstead Locksmiths are a family business of 25 years, and will solve all your lock and key problems. Simply call 0208 442 2958 to speak to a helpful technician. We will get a locksmith onsite to you within 30 minutes.


You can benefit from the Chubb 9K118 Window lock with a Brass finish, a low cost piece of security which is guaranteed to deter intruders from breaking the glass to release the catch.

The Ingersoll Patio Door Lock is suitable for all the sliding patio doors of NW1 NW6 NW2 W9 W10 NW3 NW10 NW8 NW5. With a simple push bolt action, your home will be safe for years to come — this lock comes with a 5 year guarantee, and will be installed by West Hampstead Locksmiths.

Homes in the north west area will benefit from the Chubb 8K101 window lock, available in brown, brass, or pearl white.

The Chubb 8K101—s quick-fit security is ideal for your vulnerable home, and We will be to fit the Chubb 8K101 window lock. It is simple to operate and deters intruders from breaking the glass to reach the catch. Extra keys are available for the Chubb 8K101, from our shop at an extra cost. We can provide duplicate keys, replacement keys, repair damaged keys, cut locks to fit keys, cut keys to fit locks, and much, much more!

The Chubb 8K102 window lock is a simple to use window lock. Our Locksmiths at West Hampstead will be happy to come to your home and install these locks on your windows making them more secure. Upon pressing a button, the window lock will open, preventing intruders from opening the windows by releasing the catch. The West Hampstead and the surrounding areas NW1 NW6 NW2 W9 W10 NW3 NW10 NW8 NW5 require window locks to keep their homes safe; the Chubb 8K102 window lock is the perfect window lock for such vulnerable areas, and our friendly technicians will be happy to come to your home to install the Chubb 8K102 window lock.

The CISA Electric Release Lock is an electronic rim lock which is operated by a phone or an external key pad, popular in West Hampstead flat blocks and in combination with the Keyless Egress Mortice Deadlock. The CISA Electronic Release Lock is also useful in homes with communal doors, and comes with 2 keys. Alternatively, We will duplicate your keys, replace keys, repair keys, and cut keys. Our locksmiths in west hampstead also provide a 24 hour emergency helpline if you find yourself locked out or needing an emergency locksmith for burglary repairs.

Homes in the the NW London area can benefit from the protection of Ingersoll Rand, a company leading research into security technologies. West Hampstead Locksmiths supply and will fit these stylish Ingersoll Deadlocks to your door, and will supply duplicate keys, replacement keys, key repairs, and key cutting at an extra cost. The lock cylinder is interchangeable, and the Ingersoll Rim Auto Deadlock Satin is sure to protect your West Hampstead home at a time where an increase in burglaries has been observed. This is a popular West Hampstead lock, and is guaranteed to keep your West Hampstead valuables safe.

The Keyless Egress Mortice Deadlock is ideal for communal living and door of flat blocks. Operated by a thumbturn from the inside of the door and a key from the outside of the door, the Keyless Egress Mortice Deadlock will be useful for West Hampstead areas NW1 NW6 NW2 W9 W10 NW3 NW10 NW8 NW5. The Keyless Egress Mortice Deadlock possesses a special cylinder which is pick and drill resistant, with a high security key that can only be duplicated by a registered user. West Hampstead locksmiths will install the Keyless Egress Mortice Deadlock for you, and also recommends that it is installed in co-ordination with the CISA electric release lock.

West Hampstead Locksmiths supply Audio-entry systems for the West Hampstead areas NW1 NW6 NW2 W9 W10 NW3 NW10 NW8 NW5, high security systems for the West Hampstead community which enable visitors to be contacted via the indoor plastic handset to the waterproof door station. West Hampstead Locksmiths supplies these with 1 button, 2 buttons, or 3 buttons depending on the number of flats. West Hampstead Locksmiths provide all compulsory wiring and install the system for you. Thieves are often dissuaded where these Audio Intercom entry systems are apparent, due to the difficulty of flat access.

SHOE REPAIRS (Pick-up and Delivery)

West-Hampstead locksmiths also provide a shoe-repair service. With 25 years of shoe repairs in North London, West-Hampstead shoe repairs are one of the few that still use traditional methods of shoe repairs. West-Hampstead shoe repairers also provide repairs for other leather goods such as hand bags, belts, and luggage. We use quality leather materials to ensure a satisfactory repair.

Offering a pickup and delivery shoe repair service to the West Hampstead area. West-Hampstead shoe repairs can repair anything while you wait in our friendly and welcoming workshop which in based in Muswell Hill.

Three generations of shoe-repairs ensure that quality traditional skills in shoe repair are passed on, to provide a sought-after service to West Hampstead and the surrounding North London areas for years to come.

West-Hampstead shoe repairs provide many more services, including leather sole and heel replacements, commando sole and heels, commando full units, Dr. Martin sole replacement, Golf soles and heel replacement, taps put on tap shoes, dancing shoes resoled and heeled, shoe polishing, heel lowering, heel raises, rocker soles, orthopedic repairs, orthotic made, orthotics recovered, insoles recovered in leather, back lining, heel resets, shank replacements, zip replacements, and fix a broken heel for a ladies high heel or men—s heel block.

West-Hampstead shoe repairs want to look after your feet. Worn-down heels can be the basis of ankle, knee, hip, back, and foot problems, as the shock-absorbing component disappears. Embarrassing falls can also be the result of worn heels. As a solution, West Hampstead shoe repairs offer replacement or reinforcements for heels.

West-Hampstead Shoe Repairs create balanced shoes with perfect heels, rebuilding and checking repeatedly to ensure the original thickness and weight is achieved.

West Hampstead Shoe Repairs skills apply to other leather products, such as belt shortening, belt hole punching, buckle and zipper replacement, inner lining changing, strap adjustment, re-stitching, and leather restoration. We can repair most leather products for a cheaper price than a replacement.



Car Transponder Keys Specialised in Volkswagen

At West Hampstead Lockmiths we have your VW car keys, including Volkswagen golf car keys and all the volkswagen models.


• Car Keys Programmed

• Locked out
• Lost car key deactivated
• Transponder Car Keys Cut
• Intelligent Car Keys
• Remotes Programmed
• Damaged Keys Repaired
• Batteries & Parts Replaced
• Key Blades Replaced

• VW Car keys programmed

• Micro-chipped car keys

• VW car key duplicated,

• Remotes coded for VW
• Chipped Car Keys

• Volkwagen Crypto Car Keys

• Remote VW Car Key Fobs

• No Congestion Charge
• Competitive Prices

We at West Hampstead are specialists in Car keys programming and duplicating for Volkswagen (VW). Our VW car keys are cheaper than the car dealers. Click here for more information If you have lost your VW Volkswagen car keys or your car remotes, we will be happy to assist you with a low cost alternative to the Volkswagen car dealers. we program VW golf car keys, VW Passat car keys, VW Polo car keys, VW Fox car keys, VW Touareg car keys.


Mobile Key Cutting Services in West Hampstead

West Hampstead Locksmiths use hi-tech key cut equipment, we open, repair and make keys to locks at your place with our mobile locksmiths. At West Hampstead Locksmiths we cut keys and change locks for all types of houses, flats and businesses across North West London. Our professional NW6 locksmiths use specialised locksmith tools and their expertise which enable them to unlock your property in just minutes in most cases. West Hampstead Locksmiths avoid the expense of changing locks if not necessary. Our West Hampstead Locksmiths will gain entry with minimum damage and will make keys to locks and repair or replace the old locks at your West Hampstead home NW6. Our mobile key-cutting service enables our West Hampstead Locksmiths to collect your keys, duplicate or repair them, and then deliver them back to your West Hampstead home without you having to move from your sofa!


Shoe Repairs Experts in West Hampstead

Call to West Hampstead Locksmiths to get your shoes fixed, belts fixed, you name it. nice and cheap. Super fast. we fix yout shoes in 10 minutes. Just about anything to do with shoes including repair, dye, stretching and accesories you can find here. Your shoes may will come back looking better than new.


All Types of Light Bulbs in West Hampstead

At West Hampstead locksmiths, we deal in a range of light bulbs varying from 15-150W bulbs at great prices so you can stock up for the winter! Our West Hampstead's large selection of light bulbs includes halogen, clear, opal, pearl and tube light bulbs, reflector lamps, clear candle light bulbs and many more! Need a replacement light bulb that is cheap and energy saving? Then check out our range! Supplied by GFE.


• includesandescent light

• Halogen
• High Intensity discharge

• Linear fluorescent lamps
• Compact fluorescent lamps
• LED (Light Emitting Diodes)


• Phillips

• Sylvania
• Westinghouse
• General Electric


We are verified distributors of all vareity of light bulbs


Locks, Bolts, Night Latches and more in West Hamptead

We at West Hampstead locksmiths have many innovative security products with a wide variety of locks, latches and bars.


• Escutcheons

• Mortice deadlocks
• Mortice sashlocks
• Night latches
• Door bolts
• Door locks
• Padlocks
• Patio door locks
• Rim cylinder locks

• Window locks


West Hampstead locskmiths is concentrating on delivering high security products and accessories.


West Hampstead Engravers

West Hampstead Locksmiths are at the forefront of expert engraving, using special computerized engraving systems combined with traditional methods. With an impressive selection of fonts and graphics, West Hampstead Locksmiths can engrave anything on almost any kind of material. West Hampstead Locksmiths also supply items for engraving, such as trophies, frames, pet tags, jewellery, and much more. West Hampstead Locksmiths take the upmost care in producing quality gifts for birthdays, weddings, and christenings. From glass to brass, West Hampstead Locksmiths will engrave almost anything. We will come to you and pick up your items, engrave them then return them to you the same day all engraved to your requirements. Alternatively we can engrave items in stock and have them delivered at a low cost too.


Pest Control in West Hampstead

We offer professional advice to those affected by pests such as; rodents, wasps, and crawling insects. We can remove pests from both commercial and residential properties, whether it is food processing, retail, healthcare, restaurants, pubs, or construction sites, West Hampstead pest control will deal with all that.