About Us

Serving the North and North West London Area for 25 years. We are a family run business with a 25 year history of service to the West Hampstead community. We would be nothing without our customers. We offer a service which we are proud. Our work is always first class and we are happy to serve you.


West Hampstead Locksmiths supplies and installs locks with unique keys for all commercial, retail, car, industrial and residential customers. We have a wide range of locks, keys and security solutions for all sorts of your security needs. This includes safes with combination locks, latest digital locking devices, key locks, intercom systems and personalised access, control with restricted master key systems. Our 24 hour personalized emergency services with an assured response time of just 25 minutes continue to set industry standards. Whatever your security problem: car, residential, commercial or office; we will deliver personalised solutions safely and quickly . Whether you stay in West Hampstead, Kensal Rise, Brondesbury, Kilburn, Maida Vale, Queens Park, South Hampstead or their surrounding areas in North west London, our certified locksmiths are waiting to help you.

SECURITY TIPS to prevent Burglary and Assault

Being secure and preventing burglaries is not difficult; an uncommon approach to prevent common mistakes is all it takes. Most burglaries often happen due to careless mistakes. It could be as simple as an unlocked window or door. Simple precautions, careful lock selection and its regular maintenance are all it is needed to keep away burglars. We at West Hampstead locksmiths have successfully advised people to take the following precautions:

* Survey your property like a burglar for any security breaches that may have happened. This could be an unlocked/broken door or window or could even be a ladder left outside which could be used to get the roof or an un-locked upper floor window.

* When leaving for a vacation make sure to switch on a light at your gate/garden. Never leave your keys in the flower bed or any other or below a mat, place outside your premises as burglars often look for keys at these places.

* Invest in new locks and access control systems when you re-use security that originally belonged to someone else. Prevent any un-authorised access by people who may have duplicate keys to the old locking system.

* Place secure valuables on floor home safes: cheques, jewels and cash, draw your window curtains so that outsiders cannot view expensive electronic goods inside like your computers or tv.

* If you can,Keep a pet dog as thieves hate this faithful 24/7 guard. It’s not a bad idea to install a ‘beware of dog’ warning sign at your gate. We at West Hampstead Locksmiths want you safe always, and our proven security experts are just a call away.