Electronic Access Systems

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West Hampstead Locksmiths have the perfect piece of electronic access to suit your home or business. If you are a forgetful West Hampstead resident who often loses or forgets house keys, then electronic access may be the perfect solution to your problems. Simply call West Hampstead Locksmiths on 0208 442 2958 to speak to a locksmith about what kinds of electronic access are the best for your home, flat, or commercial premise.


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GSM Audio Intercom Systems

Digital Locks are at the forefront of lock technology, producing electronic locks for the residents of West Hampstead. With electronic release locks, videophones from leading brands such as Videx, and even Intercom systems that employ the latest mobile phone technology

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CISA Electrical Release Lock

The CISA electrical release lock from West Hampstead Locksmiths is a recommended lock for West Hampstead flat blocks. The lock is useful in West Hampstead flats with multiple living spaces, where a larger number of residents can all have access – each will have a glossy plastic handset and an entryphone. The CISA Electrical Release Lock is operated by an external key-pad and a push-button internally. Those who often find themselves with lost keys, locked out, or with a broken key – can rest happily with the CISA Electrical Release Lock.

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Videx  3351 Videophone

The popular 3351 Videx Videophone is compatible with residential and commercial properties in the West Hampstead area, and is increasing the security of the North London area. With LED lights and a white casing, the Videx 3351 Videophone also features a 4 inch flat screen monitor, camera recall (like an answer phone message), and adjustable volume settings. The Videx 3351 can be fitted by a West Hampstead Locksmith, and programmed to for your West Hampstead home. The Videx 3351 is also useful in blocks of flats in the West Hampstead community.

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1 Button Videx GSM Mobile Phone Audio Intercom

West Hampstead Locksmiths are recommending the Videx GSM Mobile Phone Audio Intercom as it is simple, easy to use, and incredibly functional. The lock is one of the latest when it comes to door opening technology, and is the future’s solution to door intercoms.
If you are abroad, you can open your front door for someone else. If you are visiting somebody, or at the shops – this technology allows you to open the door for a friend or relative without you having to go home. With the technology available for use in West Hampstead flat blocks, and the ability to control up to 10 different flats in one block, this is the perfect product for you. The Videx GSM Mobile Phone Intercom also features some of the newest mobile phone technology, where you can text your door and it’ll open. The system is entirely safe, tried and tested.
The product also features a dialing connection to land lines or mobile numbers, the option to program via text or dial in, user friendly for up to 250 participants, a code-protected programmable menu, and a dry contact relay output. Your West Hampstead home can also benefit from this one product being used on multiple doors. Our West Hampstead Locksmiths will come to your West Hampstead home to install this Videx GSM Mobile Phone Intercom security system, and programme it to as many doors as you require.



Car Transponder Keys Specialised in Volkswagen

At West Hampstead Lockmiths we have your VW car keys, including all the volkswagen models.


· Car Keys Programmed

· Locked out
· Lost car key deactivated
· Transponder Car Keys Cut
· Intelligent Car Keys
· Remotes Programmed
· Damaged Keys Repaired
· Batteries & Parts Replaced
· Key Blades Replaced

· VW Car keys programmed

· Micro-chipped car keys

· VW car key duplicated,

· Remotes coded for VW
· Chipped Car Keys

· Volkwagen Crypto Car Keys

· Remote VW Car Key Fobs

· No Congestion Charge
· Competitive Prices


We are specialists in Car keys Programming and duplicating for Volkswagen (VW). Our VW car keys are cheaper than the car dealers. Click here for more information If you have lost your VW car keys or your car remotes, we will be happy to assist you with a low cost alternative to the Volkswagen car dealers. we program VW golf car keys, VW Passat car keys, VW Polo car keys, VW Fox car keys, VW Touareg car keys.