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In order to keep your valuables safe in your own home, West Hampstead Locksmiths recommend home safes and other high security cabinets. Our mobile West Hampstead Locksmiths supply and fit fire proof safes, laptop safes, wall safes, floor safes, till safes, key cabinets, mini tellers, cash guards, medicine cabinets and more. Depending on your business or needs, West Hampstead Locksmiths have the right safe for you.

In addition, the expert professionals from West Hampstead Locksmiths can unlock any safes, using specialist equipment, technology and techniques. Our Locksmiths can cut keys safe keys too so make sure you have a spare safe key in case you lose your safe key. West Hampstead Locksmiths perform safe opening with great care, to ensure your valuables inside the safe will not be damaged. Our mobile West Hampstead Locksmiths can also fit home safes for you, and visit your home in order to do so. Give West Hampstead Locksmiths a call on 0208 442 2958 in order to speak to someone about a home safe, data cabinet, or cash box for your home or business.


from West Hampstead Locksmiths

Fireproof  Safes

West Hampstead’s valuable items can be protected by fire proof safes. A variety of products are available, including:

• Flame Retardant Document Wallets

– By Burton, protecting paper documents from small fires. The A4 size of the flame retardant wallet is perfect for valuable documents, and is ideal for safe keeping inside a home safe.

• Fire Resistant Document Boxes

– Weighing 9kg, the 2017 Fire Resistant Document Box protects precious documents from fires up to a temperature of a searing 840°c. The Fire Resistant Document Box – also waterproof – features a lockable lid. The heavier 2037 Fire Resistant Document Box is roomier for larger documents.

• 30E Firebrand Burton Safe

– The Firebrand 30E is a 36kg safe – a sturdy piece of fireproof equipment for the home. The Firebrand safe protects valuables from a roaring 1090°c, and features a battery level indicator, and anti-tamper alarms. The Firebrand safe also comes with an overriding key, combined with a connection to an external power supply for emergencies. West Hampstead Locksmiths can fashion duplicate keys and replacement keys if you find yourself locked out of the safe.

from West Hampstead Locksmiths

Data Cabinets

Data Cabinets from West Hampstead Locksmiths are perfectly designed for the commercial environment, featuring fire-resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves and gas resistance thanks to a specialised multi-seal system. West Hampstead Locksmiths stock data cabinets that are up to 50% lighter than other cabinets in the range, and are NT fire tested – offering up to 120 minutes of fire protection.

• Data Safe 125 SDE

– The Data Safe 125 SDE protects against not only 2 hours of 1010°c fire, but also against water, smoke, magnetic fields, electrostatic waves, and is locked electronically.

from West Hampstead Locksmiths

Wall Safes

Wall safes are in-set into reinforced wall, and can also replace existing safes already in West Hampstead walls. West Hampstead wall safes feature an 8 lever double-bitted key lock, a 10mm steel door, and a laser cut door to which is anti pry-attack. They are suitable to be placed behind hanging wall pictures or posters, and can opened with a key - additionally, West Hampstead Locksmiths can fit the wall safe for you and can cut duplicate keys or spare keys for this safe if required.

from West Hampstead Locksmiths

Floor Safes

Floor safes for your West Hampstead home are a great way to store valuables in a subtle and secure way. Flock lined for protection, floor safes also feature a high security double-bitted door lock, as well as a 12mm thick steel top plate and a re-locking device in case of attack. West Hampstead’s highest quality home floor safe is suitable for protecting up to £60,000 worth of valuables. West Hampstead Locksmiths can fit a floor safe for you and duplicate the safe key if required.

from West Hampstead Locksmiths

Till Safes

Till safes from West Hampstead Locksmiths provide safe storage for tills. Some Till Safes from West Hampstead Locksmiths store up to 4 trays, and are equipped with a high security double-bitted key lock. West Hampstead Locksmiths can duplicate keys, repair keys, and replace any keys for Till safes, as well as possessing the expertise to break into safes if you are locked out.



Car Transponder Keys Specialised in Volkswagen

At West Hampstead Lockmiths we have your VW car keys, including all the volkswagen models.


· Car Keys Programmed

· Locked out
· Lost car key deactivated
· Transponder Car Keys Cut
· Intelligent Car Keys
· Remotes Programmed
· Damaged Keys Repaired
· Batteries & Parts Replaced
· Key Blades Replaced

· VW Car keys programmed

· Micro-chipped car keys

· VW car key duplicated,

· Remotes coded for VW
· Chipped Car Keys

· Volkwagen Crypto Car Keys

· Remote VW Car Key Fobs

· No Congestion Charge
· Competitive Prices


We are specialists in Car keys Programming and duplicating for Volkswagen (VW). Our VW car keys are cheaper than the car dealers. Click here for more information If you have lost your VW car keys or your car remotes, we will be happy to assist you with a low cost alternative to the Volkswagen car dealers. we program VW golf car keys, VW Passat car keys, VW Polo car keys, VW Fox car keys, VW Touareg car keys.