Moving Home with West Hampstead Locksmiths

Moving Home

West Hampstead Locksmiths want to protect your home – whether you are moving into a new home, or have just moved house. It is increasingly common for spare keys to lead to unwanted entries:

“I came home from work one day and couldn’t work out where the video camera was. The playstation was also missing. The funny thing was, it was only missing from one room. With no signs of a break-in, I came to the conclusion that the burglary had occurred due to a neighbour having a spare key. So I called West Hampstead Locksmiths and had my locks changed, with a new set of keys. I also had some keys duplicated for other members of my family.” – William Twyford, 24.

Don’t leave your home at risk to intruders; West Hampstead Locksmiths will change your locks to ensure that locals or strangers have the keys to your home by providing you with a new set of keys and locks. This cost-effective method will largely reduce community crime. West Hampstead Locksmiths can also offer home alarms, electronic entry, and Intercom systems for maximum security. London bars, Birmingham bars, and door bolts are also available.

Home Security

Moving home creates many opportunities for potential intruders; simple steps can be taken in order to reduce this:

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is paramount to maintaining a sense of security in the home. 25 years of experience has risen awareness of some common traits from break ins; the following tips for preventing crime are offered as a result from West Hampstead Locksmiths.

• Survey your property as if you were breaking in as a burglar. Look for open windows, windows without locks, keys under pots, unprotected letter boxes.

• Ensure that keys are not left close to the door. West Hampstead Locksmiths have noticed a ‘pole-and-hook’ method, used to ‘fish’ keys from nearby tables or hanging on the wall. Many vehicles are lost from West Hampstead as a result.

• Suggest a timer-switch for lights or radios if you are going away for a holiday. This will make it look like there is someone still in your West Hampstead home.

• Do not leave keys under a flower pot or door mat; these are common places thieves look.

• Draw curtains and put valuables in draws or cupboards; windows provide advertisements to passers-by and thieves.

• Pet dogs are always useful – as are ‘beware of the dog’ signs mentioned earlier.

If you have any more questions regarding the safety of your West Hampstead home, or would like to discuss crime prevention, home security, or moving home; then call West Hampstead Locksmiths on 0208 442 2958 and speak to a professional.



Car Transponder Keys Specialised in Volkswagen

At West Hampstead Lockmiths we have your VW car keys, including all the volkswagen models.


· Car Keys Programmed

· Locked out
· Lost car key deactivated
· Transponder Car Keys Cut
· Intelligent Car Keys
· Remotes Programmed
· Damaged Keys Repaired
· Batteries & Parts Replaced
· Key Blades Replaced

· VW Car keys programmed

· Micro-chipped car keys

· VW car key duplicated,

· Remotes coded for VW
· Chipped Car Keys

· Volkwagen Crypto Car Keys

· Remote VW Car Key Fobs

· No Congestion Charge
· Competitive Prices


We are specialists in Car keys Programming and duplicating for Volkswagen (VW). Our VW car keys are cheaper than the car dealers. Click here for more information If you have lost your VW car keys or your car remotes, we will be happy to assist you with a low cost alternative to the Volkswagen car dealers. we program VW golf car keys, VW Passat car keys, VW Polo car keys, VW Fox car keys, VW Touareg car keys.