West Hampstead Shoe Repairs

Used shoes like Brand new

Delivery Service

NW3 shoe repairsWith 25 years of shoe repairs in North London, West-Hampstead Shoe Repairers are one of the few that still use traditional methods of shoe repair. West-Hampstead Shoe Repairers provide repairs for other leather goods such as hand bags, belts, and luggage. We use quality leather materials to ensure a satisfactory repair. Three generations of shoe-repairers ensure that quality traditional skills in shoe repair are passed on, to provide a sought-after service to West Hampstead and the surrounding North London areas for years to come. A Pick-up and delivery service will collect your shoes from your West Hampstead home or office, repair them, and bring them back to you.

Traditional Shoe Repair Service

shoe repairs in west hamspteadWest-Hampstead Shoe Repairers provide many more services, including sole and heel replacements, shoe cleaning, boot tapering, shoe strap replacements, shoe elastics, shoe waterproofing, heel lowering, back lining, heel resets, shank replacements, zipper and replacements

West-Hampstead Shoe Repairers want to look after your feet. Worn-down heels can be the basis of ankle, knee, hip, back, and foot problems, as the shock-absorbing component disappears. Embarrassing falls can also be the result of worn heels. As a solution, West Hampstead Shoe Repairers offer replacement or reinforcements for heels.

West-Hampstead Shoe Repairs create balanced shoes with perfect heels, rebuilding and checking repeatedly to ensure the original thickness and weight is achieved. West Hampstead Shoe Repairs skills apply to other leather products, such as belt shortening, belt hole punching, buckle and zipper replacement, inner lining changing, strap adjustment, re-stitching, and leather restoration. We can repair most leather products for a cheaper price than a replacement.




Car Transponder Keys Specialised in Volkswagen

At West Hampstead Lockmiths we have your VW car keys, including all the volkswagen models.


· Car Keys Programmed

· Locked out
· Lost car key deactivated
· Transponder Car Keys Cut
· Intelligent Car Keys
· Remotes Programmed
· Damaged Keys Repaired
· Batteries & Parts Replaced
· Key Blades Replaced

· VW Car keys programmed

· Micro-chipped car keys

· VW car key duplicated,

· Remotes coded for VW
· Chipped Car Keys

· Volkwagen Crypto Car Keys

· Remote VW Car Key Fobs

· No Congestion Charge
· Competitive Prices


We are specialists in Car keys Programming and duplicating for Volkswagen (VW). Our VW car keys are cheaper than the car dealers. Click here for more information If you have lost your VW car keys or your car remotes, we will be happy to assist you with a low cost alternative to the Volkswagen car dealers. we program VW golf car keys, VW Passat car keys, VW Polo car keys, VW Fox car keys, VW Touareg car keys.