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Volkswagen car key cuttingWest Hampstead Locksmiths is one of the few locksmiths who have the technology and experience to cut Volkswagen transponder keys and program them to your car. We supply Volkswagen Golf car keys, Volkswagen Jetta car keys, Volkswagen passat car keys, Volkswagen Polo car keys among others.

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We at West Hampstead Locksmiths specialise in transponder technology, avoid the significant cost and hassle of going to a car dealer. They transponder keys usually have a microchip inserted inside the head of the key and help considerably to the protection of the ignition locks of cars. Years ago, the cutting of transponder keys has only been available through car dealers and has been very costly. We at West Hampstead Locksmiths, have been using a writer hardware system. The work of our IT technician and our locksmiths has given us the leading edge in the car key industry. Therefore we now have the (AD100) Advanced Diagnostic M.V.P. System. This system allows us to program the key via the Volkswagen vehicle, making it possible to duplicate the fixed, rolling and crypto codes.


programming a vw car keyWest Hampstead Locksmiths' automotive security technicians cut keys and open, repair, install and service the locks of all Volkswagen models. West Hampstead Locksmiths have an extensive database and use cutting-edge equipment to keep in-step with technological advances in the car industry. Our car security technicians will quickly service the locks and keys to your vehicle, and our emergency service make sure you will never be off the road for long. You can also bring your car into one of our stores for work to be carried out there. Please click on Contact Us for our store location or more information.

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• Locked out
• Lost car - Damaged key deactivated
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• Remote codes / crypto / key fobs
• Batteries & Parts Replaced
• Key Blades Replaced
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Volkswagen VW

At West Hampstead Locksmiths we can programme VW Golf / Golf GTI keys including the programming of the 2 button and 3 button remotes. We can also supply and cut keys for all VW Golf models.

We also programme VW Bettle keys and supply and programme the remotes aswell as the transponder key to the engine management system via diagnostic programming. At West Hampstead Locksmiths we also provide and programme VW Polo and VW Passat transponder keys including programming the 2 button and 3 button remotes to the car. We also supply the newer flip key and remote and can prorgramme the key and remote for all models of Volkswagen including, Volkswagen Golf, Bettle, Polo and VW Jetta / Passat. The keys and remote including programming, costs between £130 and £160 depending on the year of the model of Volkswagen and the type of remote the car requires to be programmed. The locksmith industry has not been able to duplicate these car keys with micro-chips in, the reason is the equipment has not been available.

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We are specialists in Car keys Programming and duplicating for Volkswagen (VW). Our Volkswagen car keys are cheaper than the car dealers. We program VW Volkswagen golf car keys, VW Volkswagen Passat car keys, VW Volkswagen Polo car keys, VW Fox car keys, VW Touareg car keys.

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